Casterton Memorial Hospital

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Casterton Memorial Hospital 115th Annual Report – FY22-2301/12/2023
CMH Environmental Management Plan 2022-2026

Casterton Memorial Hospital commits to embedding sustainability and planning for increasing the resilience of the health service to climate change throughout the organisation and encourages all employees, contractors, business partners and volunteers to support the strategy.

CMH Disability Plan 2022-2025

The CMH Disability Action Plan has been developed to meet the diverse needs of people with a disability who access, attend or utilise our services.

CMH Strategic Plan 2022-2026

CMH aims to improve the health and well-being of our community through local, adaptive and innovative solutions.

We will do this by:

  • delivering effective, safe, quality health and well-being services
  • ensuring the sustainability of our services to meet the future needs of our community
PRESS RELEASE | Glenelg House Aged Care receives first class quality report card

PRESS RELEASE_Aged Care Accreditation

PRESS RELEASE | CMH & Riverview Family Health

Media Release – CMH & Riverview Family Health

CMH Gender Equality Action Plan 2022-2025

In March 2021 the Gender Equality Act 2020 came into effect across the Victorian Public Sector.  One of the requirements of the Act is for defined entities to develop a Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP).


Procurement Activity Plan

Please click on the link to view our Procurement Activity Plan.

Complaints & Feedback Management Policy

Complaints & Feedback Management.

Casterton Memorial Hospital values employee and all consumer participation and encourages both positive and negative feedback. The organisation aims to present open and accountable services that reassure consumers that their feedback is welcome and will be dealt with fairly and timely. It is acknowledged that the organisation will not always be able to meet expectations; however feedback is seen as an essential component of understanding hoe our services are perceived. This feedback may be used in determining quality improvement initiatives and working towards addressing identified gaps.

Strategic Procurement Process Policy04/12/2018
Collective Procurement Policy04/12/2018
Procurement Governance04/12/2018
Health Purchasing Compliance Statement04/12/2018
CMH Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality Policy04/12/2018
CMH Exercise Class Brochure04/12/2018
Private Patient Information04/12/2018
CMH Community Home Nursing Service03/12/2018
CMH Discharge Services03/12/2018
Consumer & Carer Participation03/12/2018
Advance Care Planning / Directives03/12/2018
Property Maintenance Service03/12/2018
Suggestions, Comments, Compliments & Complaints03/12/2018
Seasons @ CMH – Social Support Group25/05/2018
CMH- Primary & Community Care25/05/2018
CMH Freedom Of Information Brochure25/05/2018
CMH Dialysis Brochure25/05/2018
CMH Community Health Services25/05/2018
CMH – Glenelg House Residential Care25/05/2018