Casterton Memorial Hospital

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Executive Team

The Executive Team holds the foremost position in executive leadership at Casterton Memorial Hospital.

Its main goal is to deliberate on matters pertaining to the hospital’s direction and operations, providing recommendations to the Chief Executive, who then conveys them to the Board for consideration.

CMH Chief Executive, Rowena Clift, standing in front of the hospital's main entrance.

Chief Executive
Rowena Clift

Rowena’s impressive career in healthcare leadership, including her recent role as the Chief Executive Officer of the Western Victoria Primary Health Network (WVPHN), highlights her exceptional leadership abilities and commitment to the health and wellbeing of regional communities.

Her unique skill set includes the ability to form strategic partnerships, a deep data-driven understanding of community needs, and a commitment to inclusive decision-making. Rowena’s collaborative leadership approach, along with her focus on co-design and community engagement, will ensure that the voice of the community remains at the forefront of healthcare decision-making.

Prior to her CEO role at WVPHN, Rowena served as the Director of Service and System Integration and gained valuable experience in service redesign and system transformation in acute roles at various other organisations. She also completed a secondment as Acting Chief Executive Officer at Ballan District Health and Care. Rowena’s qualifications in Nursing and Health Systems Management have further enriched her understanding of the healthcare industry.

Residing between Hamilton and Casterton, Ms Clift is deeply connected to the regional communities she serves and has a passion for the delivery of health services locally and the wellbeing of staff providing these services.

Manager, Nursing Services
Mary-Anne Betson

Mary-Anne leads a skilled clinical team, dedicated to delivering top-tier outcomes across Acute and Urgent Care, Primary & Allied Health, and Residential Aged Care services.

She commenced her nursing journey at Austin Hospital and has since garnered experience in various healthcare settings, prior to commencement at CMH.

Manager, Corporate Services
Loren Hulm

Loren oversees the management of Finance, Payroll, Administration, Information Technology, and Support Services including maintenance and Hotel Services.

A native of Casterton, Loren began her career in the healthcare industry in 2001 as a trainee in Health Information at Casterton Memorial Hospital. She is dedicated to delivering exceptional healthcare and enhancing patient experiences, particularly in rural areas.

With expertise in finance, administration, and support services, Loren brings valuable qualifications and experience to her role.

Manager, Performance, Strategy & Culture
Jodi Zylstra

Jodi oversees the Performance, People & Culture Department, encompassing Human Resources, Occupational Health & Safety, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, education, strategy execution, communications, and volunteer coordination.

Before moving to Casterton, Jodi gained extensive experience in various sectors such as communications, marketing, HR, and event management.

She is dedicated to fostering a safe and inclusive work environment, striving to attract, nurture, and retain outstanding talent.