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Telehealth is an environmentally friendly way to access healthcare from anywhere. Telehealth enables you to have an appointment with your clinician by video from your home, or from a Community Telehealth Hub. We have a hub located here at Casterton Memorial Hospital:

Casterton Memorial Hospital
63/69 Russell St, Casterton
Bookings: (03) 5554 2555

 A Community Telehealth Hub is a private room with everything you need for a telehealth appointment, including a computer, webcam, microphone, speakers, good internet connection, and support staff to help you get set up. They are available to use free of charge. If you have a telehealth appointment and would like to use a community telehealth hub near you, locate your nearest hub on the map, and call the telephone number listed on the map to book the hub for the same time as your telehealth appointment.

 There are Community Telehealth Hubs located throughout the Barwon South West region, at health services, community centres and neighbourhood houses. You can find other locations here.

Casterton Memorial Hospital Virtual Clinic

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Accessing Your Telehealth Appointme  (PDF)

How to Access Your Telehealth Appointment (video)

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